Fall Prevention
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate our class at Longview.  To start with you bring with you such a cheery and outgoing spirit that us "old folks" start feeling better even before the class begins.
We get into the exercises gently so that folks of all physical capabilities feel comfortable. By the end of the hour I never feel exhausted, but rather invigorated.  
I never knew that folks in their mid 80's could help their coordination and balance by such activities, but since I began in the group in March I have noticed a considerable uptick in my steadiness, my balance and my muscle flexibility.
Once again, thank you for making all this possible... "Bob M.

Tabata Bootcamp

"I have been doing Tabata with Tamara for a few weeks now and I have really enjoyed the experience.  Tam keeps the sessions fresh by mixing up the exercises.  She is always upbeat and  encouraging to help you get through the session, correcting technique in a helpful way and suggesting alternatives if a particular exercise is too difficult.  With Tam the 30 minutes go by  quickly."  - John S.

"Thank you for starting up a Tabata Bootcamp in Ithaca.  I get bored easily with repetitive exercise, such as running on a treadmill and TBC is a perfect solution.  I love the variety of  exercises we do each class and also the fact it is over before you know it!  Your instruction is helpful and encouraging and I look forward to each class.  Thank you for helping me  get in shape for summer!"  -Julie B.